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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018-08An investigation into application of team-teaching as a method of teaching social studies in primary schools: case of Kapyanga Sub County, Bugirl DistrictAnnet Wandera, Nafula
2019-05An investigation into factors affecting girl child school dropout, a case study of budadiri primary schools in Mbale DistrictNagami, Noreen
2017-09An Investigation into the Continued Cases of Lost to Follow-Up TB Patients: A Case Study of Kawaala Health Centre Iv In Kampala, Uganda.Nabwire, Sarah
2016-11An investigation into the effects of discipline on pupils' academic performance in selected primary schools in Kadama Sub County Kibuku DistrictDavid, Kadimba
2009-11An investigation into the effects of divorce in child's education in Mogil zone.Chesire, Moses
2010-04Investigation of antibacterial activity, phytochemical screening and the extractive value of different solvents on lawsonia inermi (henna) plant leaf extract.Paul, Mayengo Maranya
2007-09Investigation of factors forcing children to street: a case study of Pallisa Town Council, Pallisa DistrictMoses, Mwiraguzu
2019-08Investigation of the physicochemical, microbial and trace metals properties of selected packaged drinking water sold in Kansanga, Kampala, Uganda.Muntaka, Mohammed Suleiman
2018-09An investigation on academic performance of boys in public primary schools: a case study of Kaptum sub county, Kween district, UgandaCherotwo, David
2009-11Investigation on Low Enrollment in Pre-Schools in Mwingi Division, Mwingi District.Mulatya, Charles M
2008-08An investigation on the factors that lead to poor performance of mathematics in secondary schools in Kanjai zone, Tigania district KenyaRose, Mwathathi
2007-05Investigation on the Intervention of NGOs (Safe House) in assisting orphaned children in Naivasha Zones (Estates) in Nakuru DistrictWambere, Muchemi Nancy
2007-05Investigation on the intervention of Ngos (safe house) in assisting orphaned children in Naivasha Zones (Estates) in Nakuru DistrictNancy, Muchemi Wambere
2019-03An Investigation On The Relationship Between Fishing And Academic Performance Of Lake shore Schools Inhabitants: A Case Study Of Entebbe Municipality In Wakiso DistrictAedeke , Saviour Rose
2019-05An investigation to factors affecting girl child school dropout in Kachoga Sub-County Butaleja District UgandaLyaga, Justine
2014-05Police and criminal investigation: analysis of successful police criminal investigation and challenges of investigation in Uganda: a case study of Lira municipal, Lira DistrictSam Katare, Okelo