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Title: The Benefits of Child Development Projects to Child Welfare in Uganda. A Case Study of Gaba Child Development Project, Makindye East Divison, Kampala District
Authors: Nakayima, Miriam
Keywords: Child Development Projects
Child Welfare
Gaba Child Development Project
Kampala District
Issue Date: Aug-2007
Publisher: Kampala International University; College of Humanities and Social Science
Abstract: The study was to find out how Child Development Projects have benefited the children (I.E Education, physical health, spiritual, social and economic). The objectives as how education provided has changed the children socially and spiritually, role of project in enhancing the health status of children were some of factors that were used to determine the benefits of child development projects. The study was carried out at Gaba Child Development Center, a Project located approximately 1 Okm south of Kampala on the shores of Lake Victoria at Gaba in the district of Kampala. The study was conducted using research tools such as questionnaires and interviews which were both formal and informal. Data processing and analysis was done with the help of tables and frequencies. A portion of the population was used from the target population. The findings show the benefits as educational, social, health and spiritual. The research found out that the centers activities offered have benefits and changed lives of children who went through the programmes and those still in the project. Many children in GCDC learnt how to preach the word of God and leading/managing assignments as leaders. Many that went through the project are working and leading better social lives, also mentoring others as they are working in different in NGOs as project directors, child development officers, others are preachers of the gospel who were beneficiaries of the project. Children receive health care thoroughly that enhances the lives and live healthier participate in the development activities. There is need to recognize the great work that child development projects are doing in Uganda. They play a very big role to release children from their spiritual, education, economic, social and physical poverty and enable them become responsible and fulfilled adults. The community should be encouraged to participate in Child Development projects, government should endeavor to provide support to the NGOs, Fundraising and making children are helped 100%, employing people who are qualified.
Description: A Research Thesis Submitted To The Faculty Of Social Sciences In Partial Fulfillment Of The Requirement For The Award Of A Bachelor Of Social Work And Social Administration Of Kampala International University.
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