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Title: Poverty and domestic violence in Kisenyi, Kampala-Uganda
Authors: Aadan Jama, Abdirashid
Keywords: Poverty
Domestic violence
Kisenyi, Kampala-Uganda
Issue Date: Dec-2019
Publisher: Kampala International University. College of Humanities and Social Sciences
Abstract: This study sought to examine how poverty leads to domestic violence in Kisenyi , Kampala. It was guided by three research objectives as follows: (i) to identify the causes of poverty among households experiencing domestic violence in Kisenyi , Kampala, (ii) to examine the factors influencing domestic violence among households in Kisenyi , Kampala and (iii) to determine the effects of poverty on domestic violence in Kisenyi , Kampala. The study was based on across-sectional research design where both qualitative and quantitative approaches were employed based on the relationship between Poverty and domestic violence. The study was based on a population of 6,700 people in Kisenyi I only since it was more easily accessible. Qualitatively the study was based on sample size of 11 participants who were selected from 14 interviewed respondents to be represented in the study, while quantitatively, the study was based on a sample size of 200 drawn from a population of 400 households from Kisenyi I Parish. The researcher used various sampling techniques which include: Purposive and random. The study findings revealed that the males were 48% and female 51.5%, this implies that the number of women was more than that of men. It was also found out that 22% were below 20 years, 42.5% were between 20-39 years, 30.5% of the respondents were between 40-59 years, 5% of the respondents were 60 years and above. The study found out that 56.5% agreed that they had ever experienced domestic violence in their households and the remaining 43.5% of the respondents had never experienced it. This implies that most of the people in Kisenyi were aware about the vices of domestic violence within the community. The findings on how poverty has affected household members in in Kisenyi , Kampala revealed that 48.5% of the respondents suggested that they Cannot get enough food to feed their families thus resorting to hunger, and disease outbreaks, 30% of the respondents noted poverty has created situations of Poor access to education where families have failed to send their children in schools to acquire education, while 21.5% of emphasized that poverty has led to has led to marginalization of families in the region. The findings on the rrelationship between Poverty and domestic violence in Kisenyi , Kampala revealed that 34.70% of the respondents were marginalized, 41.04% of the respondents noted that they had poor access to education and the remaining 24.25% of the respondents noted that poverty severely affects the livelihood of the households in Kisenyi. The study concludes that much like drugs and alcohol, stress is not a cause of domestic abuse. Abuse is a choice, intended to gain power and control over the victim. It also concludes that some mental health problems do lead to violent behaviour but this is uncontrolled and unpredictable. This does not make it acceptable and victims of abuse in this way still need to be offered safety and protection. The study recommends that government and households should fight poverty by engaging in income generating activities so as to have enough income to provide for their families. The government should empower women both socially and economically through trainings, skills development and financial credit for women so as to uplift the status of women in the society since they happen to be the main victims of domestic violence. There is need for community sensitization by both government and other development partners on the occurrence of domestic violence, the causes and the effects on family and society as a whole.
Description: A Dissertation Submitted To The College Of Humanities And Social Sciences In Partial Fulfilment Of The Requirements For The Award Of The Degree Of Masters Of Arts Of Human Rights And Development Of Kampala International University
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