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Title: International community and promotion of good governance in Somalia
Authors: Ahmed Abtidon, Ali
Keywords: International community
Issue Date: Nov-2019
Abstract: The study examined the correlation between international community and promotion of good governance in Somalia. Specially guided by research objectives: Objective one the effect of reconciliation and promotion of good governance in Somalia, this objective indicated there were seven teen reconciliations those held inside and out, objective two the effect of capacity building and promotion of good governance in Somalia, this objectives showed international community made a lot of capacity building also it is not enough capacity building needs Somalia, third objective is the effect of peace, security and promotion of good governance in Somalia objective indicated dire although working on it Somali government, Amisom through UN Security council mandate and still Somali security institution continue to be weak and fragmented, the study was anchored. On a liberal Theory by John Locke the father of liberal theory and liberal theory was first time initiated was 1812 and implemented was 1815 the liberal theory is one of the international relations theories that focused on self-governed, cooperation and freedom. This given target population consisted of 179 and a sample size of 124 respondents with attended Slovenes formula was enveloped descriptive research design, curved, correlation, Pearson and adapted mixed method approach both qualitative and quantitative data collection techniques were used also researcher used by purposive sampling, random sampling. Analyzed frequency, percentage, means, standard deviation and here is result or findings 54% holding master degrees, 52% were middle age 79% were men those majority of respondents, according to objective one its Pearson it showed us there is significance relations between effect of reconciliation on international community and promotion of good governance in Somalia and even answers of questions objective on indicated its high relations IV and DV like that the findings from objective two and three were showed us the effect of capacity building on international community and promotion of good governance in Somalia also some focus group discussion indicated it’s not enough capacity building and international community does not created more programmes to implemented many projected likewise the effect peace, security on international community and promotion good governance in Somalia showed as table 4.3. The study concluded that indicated international community has great contributions although there is weakness from both international and Somali’s leaders study lastly recommended all stakeholders working hand in hand to secure reconciliation, capacity building, peace and security.
Description: A Thesis Submitted To The College Of Humanities And Social Sciences In Partial Fulfilment For The Requirements For Award Of Masters’ Degree In International Relations And Diplomatic Studies Of Kampala International University
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