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Title: Challenges of compulsory teaching of physical Education in secondary schools in Uganda: A study of Bukerere and Misindye Parishes in Mukono District
Authors: Martha, Christine Adiope
Keywords: Physical Education
Mukono District
Issue Date: Oct-2009
Publisher: Kampala International University. College of Education, Open and Distance Learning
Abstract: The Purpose of this study is to establish the challenges prevalent in the implementation of compulsory teaching of physical education (PE) in secondary schools and the overall objectives were to establish the mode of instruction of physical education in secondary schools, to asses the influence of teaching-learning facilities on the teaching of PE, to establish the role of school management in the teaching of PE and to asses students’ attitude towards the teaching of PE, The research was carried out using descriptive study design which involved the use of both qualitative and quantitative methods of data collection. The study was conducted in Mukono district because the district has got schools which are currently implementing compulsory teaching of the subject. The population constituted all secondary schools in Bukerere and Misindye parishes in Mukono District. It included Government Aided, Private and Community Schools, both single sex and co-educational. This study used the minimum number of 104 respondents. The study used questionnaires and interviews for collecting data. The relationship between the stated variables was evaluated using Pearson’s correlation co efficient. The study revealed that the mode of teaching PE was below the required standards, there were insufficient teaching/learning facilities for PE in most schools, it was revealed that many school administrators put less emphasis on PE and some students were found to have poor attitude towards PE as a subject. The researcher recommended the following; train more teachers for PE with appropriate skills for teaching the subject, government and school management should avail sports equipments, government to provide more teaching and Learning Facilities, need for the administrators to give equal preference of all the subjects and sensitizing the students on the importance of Physical Education as a subject.
Description: A thesis submitted in partial fulfillment of the Requirements for the award of the degree of master of education in educational Management and administration of Kampala International University
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