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Title: The causes and impacts of soil erosion on the upper slopes of mount Kilimanjaro:a case study of tema village, mbokomu ward, Moshi rural district
Authors: Bernard, Baraka N
Keywords: Soil erosion
Upper slopes
Mount Kilimanjaro
Moshi rural district
Issue Date: Sep-2005
Publisher: Kampala International University, School of Engineering and Applied Sciences
Abstract: In this 21st century the problem facing rural areas in developing countries like Tanzania are numerous. formidable social and economic services are deteriorating and proving to be unsustainable; school enrollment rates are declining, food situation is precarious, infant and maternal mortality rates continues to be high, unemployment is on the rise, land shortage, triggering off high population which led to the land degradation. this study investigated the causes and impact of soil erosion on the upper slopes of kilimanjaro mountain which carried out in tema village, mbokomu ward, moshi rural district. in this study the main variables were the forms of soil erosion, causes, impact, conservation measures in tema village and recommendation to control soil erosion in tema village. various methods for data collection were used including interviews, questionnaires, observation and photographs. the findings show that soil erosion is caused by rainfall, topography, vegetation destruction, drainage, ignorance, inadequate extension services and disruption of transport among others. findings also revealed that population pressure has enhanced soil erosion through deforestation, land fragmentation, over cultivation, burning and socio-economic development in terms of infrastructure like roads which have placed much burden to the soils of tema village hence leading to erosion, agriculture malpractices like digging up and down the slope without strips, bands and terraces have accelerated soil erosion.
Description: A dissertation submitted to the department of environment in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the award of a bachelor of science in environment management of Kampala international university
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