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Title: The impact of warehouse facilities on service delivery: a case study of National Medical stores.
Authors: Aliddeki, Derrick
Keywords: Warehouse facilities
Service delivery
National Medical stores.
Issue Date: Jul-2015
Publisher: Kampala International University. College of Economics and Management
Abstract: The overall objective of the study was to find out the impact of warehouse facilities on service delivery in public organizations in Uganda with National medical stores as the focal point. The study was guided by three research objectives. to examine the impact or warehousing facilities on service delivery in national medical stores, to examine the factors hindering warehousing facilities from facilitating effective service delivery and ways of improving warehousing facilities to facilitate effective service delivery at national medical stores. Data was collected using self administered questionnaires and a sample of 30 respondents was used. The study concluded that warehouse facilities greatly impacted the level or service delivery offered by national medical stores as they are vital to its supply chain as they can determine its success or failure as well as being a source of competitive advantage. The study recommended to the management of national medical stores to give the warehousing facilities high priority during planning as they influence the levels of service delivered, regularly conduct workshops to train its warehouse personnel as well as put in place stringent controls on inventory in the warehouse facilities if they want to increase the services offered by these facilities.
Description: A Research Report Submitted to the College of Economics and Management in Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements of the Award of Bachelor’s Degree in Supplies and Procurement Management of Kampala International University
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