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Title: The legal causes and effects of divorce: A case study in Wakiiso District particularly in Makindye Division.
Authors: Kabaranzi, Molly
Keywords: Divorce
Causes and Effects
Makindye Division
Issue Date: Sep-2015
Publisher: Kampala International University, School of law.
Abstract: It was discovered in Uganda is governed by divorce Act Cap 249, and section 1 (a)5 provide that nothing in the Act shall authorize the making of any decree of dissolution of marriage unless the petitioner is domiciled in Uganda at the time when rhe petition is intended and that the petitioner must prove marriage, domicile and ground for divorce and in additional to the fact that there was no condensation and connivance Section 15 of the Act provides that where a judicial separation has been decreed, the wife is to be treated as unmarried with respect to property which she may acquire or which may devolve upon her. She is therefore free to deal with what property as if she were unmarried. It was discovered that the experience of children after parental divorce has much in common with that in other countries for children to live with their mother after their parents separate in Uganda. In addition, the household in which the children live after their parents separate is likely to suffer a considerable financial loss, Further, the concept of equality cannot be effective because of the higher illiteracy leve ls :1mongst women and their low economic status as result of divorcee which do not allow them ~ven take advantage of the positive elements of the law. Yet the law enforcers cannot even ;onsider the status of those women when they seek redress in courts of law and as a result they tre being denied rights to own property simply because they cannot afford to pay for the :xpenses incurred in the court of law. t was concluded that the property acquired by way of inheritance should be separate property to vhich it was bequeathed. This gives men opportunity to exploit women.
Description: A dissertation submitted in partial Fulfillment of the requirements of the Award of a Degree of Bachelor of Laws of Kampala International University.
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